Archer's Bible

Archer's Bible

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Archery and bowhunting were a vital part of life in the Americas long be-fore the Europeans arrived, bringing with them new customs of hunting with firearms. For millennia, Native American hunters had stalked their prey with unmatched woodcraft and used their bows with deadly accuracy. The last several decades have seen an extraordinary growth in bowhunting and archery sports in the United States. New technology and materials have transformed bows well beyond the yew longbows and cloth-yard shafts of the Black Prince's Archers or the stone-tipped arrows and compact bows of Native American hunters. Archery competitions and bowhunting call millions of Americans each year to take to the archery ranges or take up the bow to seek their quarry in fields, prairies, and woodlands, across the continent. Stoeger's, Archer's Bible presents an informative and comprehensive guide to archery equipment, accessories and related gear, showcasing thousands of items ranging from the latest high-tech bows and arrows to tree stands, and accessories.The Ultimate Archery Reference Guide Michael Faw, Mike Faw ... 285 Dead Ringer 285 Mag 285 MatchPoints 286 MaxPoint Crossbow Broadhead System 286 SlikTips 82 Stinger 286 Straight Razor 286 Titan 286 ... 375 BUCKWING 85 SaveyurTick Chigger and Fire Ant Gators 85 BUG-OUT OUTDOOR WEAR 375 Bug Out Bug Packs 375 Bug Out ... 347 Pro Wick 347 Red Fox Urine 347 Scent Killer Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 347 Scent Killer Bar Soap 348 Scent Killer Clothing Wash .

Title:Archer's Bible
Author:Michael Faw, Mike Faw
Publisher: - 2003


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