Are You, You?

Are You, You?

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qAre You You?q is a book that delves deeply into the heart and story of Author Gail Hagan. Gail Hagan has risen above the unbearably hard life of abuse and neglect that she received as a child and teenager. Hagan has overcome many hardships in her life and wants to reach out to those in need. You will laugh and cry as you read her poignant, heart-felt, emotional, and very human story about her childhood. She is truly an inspiration and example of how one person can turn their life around and lean on Christ when faced with hard times. qAre You You?q is designed to help those find out who they are and who they were meant to be.At this church I had many visions and was allowed to tell the others there about them. At first, I had ... The church people did not make me feel like I was a freak. I had found ... I actually wanted to stay there forever because those people were great to me; however, I did not have enough money to get my own place at this time. ... While I was in Michigan, I had gone to a school to become a medical assistant.

Title:Are You, You?
Author:Gail Hagan
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2007-10


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