Aristotle's "Politics"

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One of the fundamental works of Western political thought, Aristotlea€™s masterwork is the first systematic treatise on the science of politics. For almost three decades, Carnes Lorda€™s justly acclaimed translation has served as the standard English edition. Widely regarded as the most faithful to both the original Greek and Aristotlea€™s distinctive style, it is also written in clear, contemporary English. This new edition of the Politics retains and adds to Lorda€™s already extensive notes, clarifying the flow of Aristotlea€™s argument and identifying literary and historical references. A glossary defines key terms in Aristotlea€™s philosophical-political vocabulary. Lord has made revisions to problematic passages throughout the translation in order to enhance both its accuracy and its readability. He has also substantially revised his introduction for the new edition, presenting an account of Aristotlea€™s life in relation to political events of his time; the character and history of his writings and of the Politics in particular; his overall conception of political science; and his impact on subsequent political thought from antiquity to the present. Further enhancing this new edition is an up-to-date selected bibliography.... as reason for attacking tyrannies, 160 aristocracy, 99, 101, 109a€“10, 111a€“12; factional conflicts and, 144a€“47; kingship ... 117a€“18; equipment of, 194a€“200; institutions and practices of, 200a€“222; practicability and, 114a€“17; selecting, 114a€“ 17.

Title:Aristotle's "Politics"
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2013-03-29


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