Army Green

Army Green

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Army Green is a fictional study encompassing the lives of two friends from Kansas City, as they encounter the events and situations of the last half of the 20th Century. Their backgrounds are similar, yet differ enough to provide an intriguing level of contrast. It is the sequel to Century's Child. The two men meet as teenagers in the Kansas National Guard of 1954. Their lives develop over the next 50 years, separately for the most part, but along parallel career and family lines. The protagonist, Bill Anderson, begins his post-high school life intending (and wanting) nothing more than to have a qsteady lifetime jobq at Sears, Roebuck's gigantic mail order plant in Kansas City, Missouri. Thirty-five years later he has developed a completely-unexpectedly steady lifetime job as one of the Army's seniormost enlisted logisticians. He describes his life as a series of accidents which turned out well. The reader can't avoid the conclusion that the narrator made those incidents bear fruit, and his protestations to the contrary, chance had only a small part in their outcome. The turning point of his story is the crucial accident of his activation and posting to Vietnam in the wake of 1968's Tet Offensive. After that, even with twelve years' seniority, Sears doesn't have a chance. During his career, he continues to encounter his friend, now-Doctor Coe Richards, the protagonist of Century's Child. Richards' more-conventional civilan-and-reservist's life provides an engaging ongoing counterplot from the first to the last stage.The only real change in its relationship with its customer base was to increase the number of items that it offered in the catalogue. It always ... Within those gradations, quality was excellent, and Searsa#39; warranty was famous for its being honored without question. Sometimes ... item than to its warranty or to customer service.

Title:Army Green
Author:Walter D. Rodgers
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2002


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