Army Wives

Army Wives

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Jenny always loved her life as a British Army officer - until she married one. Now, faced with yet another move from one set of married quarters to another, with three unruly children and the paraphernalia of family life in tow, not to mention husband Nigel, who won't do anything to alienate the Establishment, Jenny is fed up with being an army wife. The discovery that Jenny's ex-husband Jamie, is married to Jenny's new neighbour and friend Fiona is another blow, for Nigel bitterly resents this evidence of Jenny's past on his doorstep and their marriage stumbles from bad to worse. In desperation, Jenny strikes out for independence and starts her own small business. At last she can plan for her life as a human being again and not just as a wife and mother. But the Army has other ideas. . . Discover Piatkus Entice: temptation at your fingertips - might just as well give up and start being a proper army wife, and use my energies to run the thrift shop or something else ... it was hopeless trying to work out if she could afford to rent a place if she didna#39;t know how much it was going to cost. ... Shea#39;d had the chance to make a real contribution, financially tangible, to do something lasting, of which she could feel proud. ... As Nigel stamped up the stairs, making more noise than was necessary with his plaster cast, Jenny felt the hot tearsanbsp;...

Title:Army Wives
Author:Catherine Jones
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-06-06


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