Around the Quilt Frame

Around the Quilt Frame

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Inspired by the sense of community forged by the millions of women who have gathered with friends to quilt throughout history, Around the Quilt Frame draws upon this common bond, connecting todayA’s quilters in a more symbolic way. This unique compilation of essays and stories about quilts and quilting blends light-hearted tales with more philosophical pieces. From a variety of well-known quilting writers, including Helen Kelley, Ami Simms, Lisa Boyer, Patricia Cox, Jean Ray Laury, and Sandra Dallas, these pieces expertly stitch together a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces to create a patchwork of treasured and timeless tales.When I make a quilt, I find joy in puzzling out the colors and the design. ... When I finish my quilt, I lay it out on the bed or hang it high on my wall, and I run my hands across the surface. ... You know what I 16 AROUND THE QUILT FRAME.

Title:Around the Quilt Frame
Author:Kari Cornell
Publisher:Voyageur Press (MN) - 2006-04-13


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