Art Information and the Internet

Art Information and the Internet

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In the first book of its kind, art information expert Lois Swan Jones discusses how to locate visual and textual information on the Internet and how to evaluate and supplement that information with material from other formats--print sources, CD-ROMS, documentary videos, and microfiche sets--to produce excellent research results. The book is divided into three sections: Basic Information Formats; Types of Websites and How to Find Them; and How to Use Web Information. Jones discusses the strengths and limitations of Websites; scholarly and basic information resources are noted; and search strategies for finding pertinent Websites are included. Art Information and the Internet also discusses research methodology for studying art-historical styles, artists working in various media, individual works of art, and non-Western cultures--as well as art education, writing about art, problems of copyright, and issues concerning the buying and selling of art. This title will be periodically updated.used by search engines to locate and organize Web maa€” terial; only a few examples are included below. ... Yahoo, which organizes Web sites by a hierarchy of subject categories, provides a quick method for locating pertinent Web sites that fit into Yahooa#39;s ... use of spiders or crawlers that reach out into the Internet, gather material, and organize it into catalogues, which can be searched using keywords.

Title:Art Information and the Internet
Author:Lois Swan Jones
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-12-16


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