Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder

Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder

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As minimally invasive surgeries for commonly scoped joints increase, the Visual Arthroscopy Series led by Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Tal David will answer the call for all in orthopedic surgery seeking succinct and highly visual books that will provide step-by step-instructions on arthroscopic techniques for the shoulder, knee, and hip. Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder: A Visual Guide by Dr. Tal David and Dr. James Andrews is unique in its presentation in that it includes intra-operative photos taken with the scope, detailing and illustrating each step along the way in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder from start to finish. Some chapter topics include: a€c Diagnostic Arthroscopy a€c Subacromial Decompression a€c Rotator Cuff Repairsa€”supraspinatus, subscapularis and massive tears a€c Capsular Imprication (Plication) a€c Capsular Release (Capsulotomy) a€c Arthroscopic Biceps Tenodesis Each chapter inside Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder: A Visual Guide is written by an expert arthroscopist who shares their technical a€œtips a pearlsa€ on how they would perform the procedure. Each chapter Includes: a€c A description of surgical goals a€c Step-by-step a€œhow-toa€ and illustrative instructions a€c A section of tips and pearls from the authors With the precise instructions of an illustrative cookbook, Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder: A Visual Guide is highly organized and easy-to-read resource perfect for orthopedic residents, fellows, and surgeons involved with sports arthroscopy. Other titles in the Visual Arthroscopy Series: Arthroscopic Techniques of the Hip: A Visual Guide by Dr. Bryan Kelly and Dr. Mark J. Philippon Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee: A Visual Guide by Dr. Thomas J. GillRepair. SURGICAL. GOALS. The glenoid labrum surrounds the entire circumference of the glenoid bony surface. Often described as a redundant fold of capsular (fibrous) tissue, the glenoid labrum provides depth to the glenoid surface and serves as an attachment point to the shoulder capsular structures. ... Superior labral tears are synonymous with the SLAP lesion classified by Snyder in 1990.

Title:Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder
Author:Tal S. David, James Rheuben Andrews
Publisher:SLACK Incorporated - 2009


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