...as a tale that is told

...as a tale that is told

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BOOK SUMMARY As a Tale that is Told is the story of the dying and death of a Trinidadian woman (Louisa). In dying, the mind revisits the past in experiences that some call a€œtravelina€™a€. Louisa relives experiences with her husband and thirteen children prior to immigration to the USA in a series of flashbacks. Her a€œtravelina€™a€ is the major content of the book and each section ends with the reaction of each child to her death. Deeply rooted in Caribbean tradition, this story will resonate with every courageous woman who determines to alter the lives of her children for good.a€œBut I am the reporter for the class. I have to get news ... It was a virtual dance hall . Little couples were dancing everywhere as music was blasting from an old gramophone. a€œDoh, si Doh, a big, ... a boy from the class. Jewel who was usually asleep was hitting the dance floor with another boy at the other end of the classroom.

Title:...as a tale that is told
Author:Annette Osborne
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-01-22


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