Asculapius, Your Owner's Manual

Asculapius, Your Owner's Manual

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Get it right the first time! John Humphrey Millar, now in his 103rd year, has written a non-fiction health booklet: a quser-friendlyq manual on how to protect one's immune system to ensure a long and healthy life. This information has been gathered from his own personal experience. His impressive ability to overcome obstacles and achieve results has encouraged him to write this common sense 76-page manual.This work, entitled ASCULAPIUS, Your Owner's Manual, is accessible to a mass audience, especially people who wish to care and maintain his or her body in good condition. It will assist in techniques to increase life span, by eating the correct food, taking nutritional supplements and daily exercise to protect oneself from illness.The purpose of this book is to remind each one of us that we are responsible for planning and carrying out care and maintenance of our body. We can slow down the damage and start repairs today.We hope that ASCULAPIUS, Your Owner's Manual sparks this kind of enthusiasm in our readers, and shows them how much all of us can learn about ageing, not only from books such as this one, but from the intelligence and wisdom of John H. Millar, a centenarian who has lived a long, enjoyable, passionate and healthy life.Do not a€œgobblea€ or swallow lumps of food that are not properly masticated. The stomacha#39;s job is to digest the already well broken down fooda€”it is not equipped with teetha€”so be sure it is properly chewed up before you swallow or you riskanbsp;...

Title:Asculapius, Your Owner's Manual
Author:J. Millar
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-05


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