Asked For

Asked For

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Cletus asked for Lana when she was barely more than a child. He told her grandmother he wanted a wife, not a bride, someone to keep his house the way he wanted it and to give him sons. He got more daughters than sons, and he also got James: a€œThat boy, a€ the one Cletus claimed wasna€™t his. Jim Dillon wanted Lana a€” he always had. He just hadna€™t expected her to be taken away and married to someone else so soon. Glen Morgan recognized the beauty underlying Lanaa€™s worn features, and he stepped in where Cletus hadna€™t, offering help to her and her children. Lana grew up under Cletusa€™ demands, fulfilling what was expected of her a€” until his accusations that shea€™d done the unexpected and been unfaithful. Lana no longer looked at what might have been or what could be. She discovered what was most important, and she found it inside of herself.She pulled the dress tighter against her, ashamed she looked and acted so young, wishing shewere fuller, the way Jeanie saidshe should be. a€œDona#39;t worry. Youa#39;ll do, and youa#39;ll get used tothings.a€ He nodded toward the picture. a€œIt was fever, a€anbsp;...

Title:Asked For
Author:Colleen L. Donnelly
Publisher:The Wild Rose Press Inc - 2015-01-02


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