Asking about Life

Asking about Life

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Learn through experimentation with ASKING ABOUT LIFE, Third Edition. This biology textbook includes thought-provoking chapter-opening stories and helps you remember main ideas with key questions at the beginning of each chapter, numbered main headings, and chapter summaries. Use the BiologyNow CD-ROM, packaged free with each copy of the text, to answer questions created around the opening stories and to take diagnostic pre-tests to pinpoint exactly what you need to know for success on exams. You'll also receive access to InfoTrac College Edition and Personal Tutor with SMARTHINKING.The reproduction of mitochondria and chloroplasts depends on cellular machinery that is specified both by the DNA in the nucleus ... These proteins are specified by the DNA in the nucleus and made on cytoplasmic ribosomes. ... These and many other similarities between the energy or- ganelles and prokaryotes support the endosymbiotic theory [Greek, endon within syn together bios life]. ... Unconventional genetic systems are DNA or RNA se- quences that can replicate and functionanbsp;...

Title:Asking about Life
Author:Allan J. Tobin, Jennie Dusheck
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2005


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