Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness

Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness

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Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness aims to bring together a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches exploring the notion of a€œimpolitenessa€ and the usage of impoliteness phenomena in language and discourse per se, instead of simply considering impoliteness as a€œpoliteness that has gone wronga€. Impoliteness draws mainly on linguistics, but also its sub-disciplines, as well as related disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and communication. Various researchers have been selected to contribute to Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness, and the diversity of sub-disciplinary approaches is reflected in the multi-dimensional organisation of the five sections of the book. The book is divided into five thematic parts, with 16 chapters in all, as follows. The first part aims to study the links between impoliteness and rudeness, by providing a general framework to these notions. The second part deals with occurrences of impoliteness in television series and drama, when the third part mainly focuses on the discursive creations of impoliteness found in literary works. The fourth part concentrates on impoliteness and the philosophy of language, and the fifth and final part offers some case-studies of impoliteness in modern communication.Youa#39;ll soon win at death too Ia#39;m awesome Just because your mother told you that, doesna#39;t make it so. Prepare to suffer a fate worse than death! ... Your posts are boring, retarded and bland. ... a€œEmoticons and social interaction on the Internet: the importance of social contexta€, Computers in Human Behavior, 23, 2007:anbsp;...

Title:Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness
Author:Denis Jamet, Manuel Jobert
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2013-08-19


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