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Riding Astra makes Lily feel closer to her moma€”even if Lilya€™s dad blames horses for her mothera€™s death At thirteen, Lily Oa€™Neil dreams of riding Arabian endurance horses in the Sierra Nevada foothills like her mom once dida€”before her fatal accident. Now, Lilya€™s father has forbidden her from going near horses ever againa€”hea€™s even sold her beloved pony, Domino. But Grams understands that horses are Lilya€™s life, just like they were for her mom. Astra Atomica is Lilya€™s favorite, a graceful gray Arabian mare with the potential to become a great champion. Lilya€™s mom saw it tooa€”she rode the spirited animal to several victoriesa€”and Lily knows that the freak accident wasna€™t Astraa€™s fault any more than it was her mothera€™s. Lilya€™s secret dream is to ride Astra all the way to the Tevin Cup, like her mother had planned to do. If only she can make her father see how much her bond with Astra means to her, and how much riding meant to her mother.I dona#39;t have the money to spend on a horse... especially a sick one.a€ a€œI can work, a€ ... a€œBut there are already so many vet bills, a€ Mr. Oa#39;Neil said, frowning. a€œFrom the ... a€œIf money is the problem, Ia#39;ll donate the veterinary work, a€ Dr. Tison volunteered.

Author:Chris Platt
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-08-19


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