Astro Horizon

Astro Horizon

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Astro Horizon is the seventh poetry book written by the author Justin Tully.This poetry book covers thoughts and feelings from August 2008 right up until January 2010. Topics include Christmas, Vampires, the recession, NASA bombing the moon, the death of Michael Jackson, Zombies, the 40th anniversary of The Beatles album cover for Abbey Road and the time I accidentally soaked money at workAca‚nAb!Love a laughter, fun a serious issues all come together to create an Astro HorizonAca‚nAbare you ready for the flight?They. Say. Ita#39;s. A. Wildman. Therea#39;s an invisible force, heading our way in a rush, Ita#39;s coming without taking a breath, towards us. We are running, as ita#39;s heading our way, How do we stop it, when it wona#39;t understand what we say? We watched anbsp;...

Title:Astro Horizon
Author:Justin Tully - 2010-02-26


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