Astro Vedica Series

Astro Vedica Series

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Drawing from his work Astrologia Vedica: A Treatise on the Predictive Astrology of Rishi Parashara, author Dean Dominic De Lucia delves into the ancient arts of Hindu based astrology. The Astro Vedica series continues with Stellar Horoscopes charts the horoscopes of 26 famous individuals and the HMS Titanic. Readers will be taken through how the influence of planets and stars can be applied to the lives of these individuals. In having a number of baseline readings from known events, this text can assist those interested in Vedic Astrology to interpret their own charts. The horoscopes of: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupada, Abraham Lincoln, Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim, Benjamin Disraeli, Bhaktivinode Thakur, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, George Orwell, George Washington, Ginger Rogers, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Oscar Wilde, Paul McCartney, PelAc, Princess Diana, Ringo Starr, Ronald Reagan, Sigmund Freud, and the HMS Titanic are included in this text. Your view of the Zodiac and Vedic Astrology my never be the same after seeing how the heavens can predict key episodes in our lives.a€œIf ita#39;s all one, then how do you like this?a€ His son Devadas was the only one who stayed by his fathera#39;s side, as a secretary, and even he noted that the Mahatma was more affectionate to the little children of the ashram than he had been to his anbsp;...

Title:Astro Vedica Series
Author:Dean Dominic De Lucia
Publisher:Grave Distractions Publications -


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