Astro-Weather 2009 Pacific Time Edition

Astro-Weather 2009 Pacific Time Edition

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Guy Spiro's Original Astro-Weather is a big step up from Sun sign astrology. It represents a new level of astrological information with which to make more informed decisions in daily life. As the Moon and the planets move along their orbits, they form continually shifting patterns, or aspects, that signal the background energy in which we all function, regardless of one's sun sign. Astro-Weather charts this astrological weather for the coming twelve months. When you see the general mood of the mass of people swing one way, then the other, and then sometimes back again, all seemingly without rhyme or reason, this is Astro-Weather. Available in separate versions for all four continental U.S. time zones, Astro-Weather includes precise timing for Moon void of course and planetary retrograde periods, and is an indispensable tool for tens of thousands of readers across the country.Astro-Weather is very much like physical weather except that it operates primarily on the mental and emotional levels, which in turn influence behavior. Astro- Weather represents a new level of astrological information with which you can makeanbsp;...

Title:Astro-Weather 2009 Pacific Time Edition
Author:Guy Spiro
Publisher:Lightworks - 2008-09-01


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