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At Play presents a collection of work illustrating the wide scope of intellectual dialogue surrounding digital games, as they have become a focal point for the media in recent years and have increasingly become an area of study in academia. Contributors to this special issue represent an international landscape, and include founders of the game studies area, as well as new researchers who are already infl uencing the fi eld. All of the articles are situated within important areas of communication theory and research, covering such topics as how games impact media economics and cross-media influence on the development of a new medium; the promise and challenges of games as documentary media; and the political subtext in games as it relates to the emergence of a new and ever more important form of persuasive interactive media. The range of both theoretical grounding and method of approach offered in this specialMorally depraved adults do not deserve to prosper and may even be dangerous. ... By avoiding interactions across the socioeconomic boundaries of the gamea#39;s virtual space, San Andreas is implicated in a ... builds a sizable, if illegitimate, business of thug activities, based on a staple of drive-by shootings and armed robbery. Yet the game is a veritable rags-to-riches story. As the game starts, CJ is returning to Los Santos from Liberty City (the home city of Grand Theft Auto III), where heanbsp;...

Title:AT PLAY PC V4#3
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum - 2006-08-30


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