Attack Hitler's Bunker!

Attack Hitler's Bunker!

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***For a limited time, you can get THREE THRILLERS - FREE - click here to find out more g (just copy and paste the bold text link into your browser)*** An RAF squadron flies into the jaws of death to find one man. Richard Earlgood, maverick RAF fighter pilot, and Michael Dorfmann, an ambitious Luftwaffe double-agent, plan a daring daylight attack on Adolf Hitler himself in this war thriller. This single raid to bomb Hitlera€™s Bunker could win the war, but only one man can win the heart of Anna, the sultry Station X decoder who brought them both together. Richard's audacious plan which will test his new squadron of crack pilots to their limits, but can Dorfmann be trusted to play his part? Fans of 633 Squadron and The Dam Busters will love this white-hot roller-coaster ride through the streets of Wartime Berlin on a bombing mission that will make your hair stand on end! All profits from sales of this book until 10 September 2015 will go to The Stirling Aircraft Project Charity, a project to build a Short Stirling front fuselage section from as many original parts as possible, in commemoration of the people who designed, built flew and maintained this historic aircraft. Categories: fiction, thriller, history, military, war, WWII. Sample Richard peered down the considerable length of the fuselage and nodded, confirming the correct movement of the rudder. They repeated the procedure for the elevators and then ailerons, although Martin did his own visual check for these. He leaned out of an open panel in the canopy and waved to the ground-crew who pulled the chocks from the main undercarriage wheels. Taking all four main throttle controls on the centre column in his fist, he slowly moved them forward in the gate, the right pair slightly ahead of the left to counter the Stirlinga€™s tendency to swing to the right. The rev indicator showed 2000 rpm. The engine roar rose and slowly the aircraft began to bump along the rough concrete pan. He manoeuvred the aircraft onto the taxi-way towards the end of the runway and spoke into his mike, calling the control-tower. a€œJ-for Jessica. Requesting clearance for take-off.a€ He grinned at Richard. Only Martin heard the response. He boosted the engines slightly and the aircraft turned until it lined up on the main runway. There, it stopped. Martin closed the canopy panel and wriggled in the seat, making himself comfortable. Archibald noticed a fresh tattoo of a love heart and the name Francine on Martina€™s bare forearm. His heart pounded with excitement, tinged with apprehension, at the prospect of take-off in the RAFa€™s first heavy bomber. a€œThis is the best bit!a€ shouted Martin in Richarda€™s ear a€œPut your hands on the throttles below my hand! Whatever happens, keep them evenly spread and if anything happens to me during take-off, push them all the way forward smoothly. Wait until the airspeed is at least 100 mph! Then pull back on the control column! Dona€™t forget your flaps and the undercarriage, considerable air resistance from them! Not like the early Hurricane! You dona€™t have to wind them up yourself! Just push this lever forward here!a€ He indicated a lever on the left side of the main throttle console, retained in the down position by a catch. a€œSafety catch here! Then select a€˜Up.a€™a€ He pointed to a switch on the main control panel. a€œReady?a€ Both Richard and Archibald nodded vigorously. a€œRight then! Off we go chaps!a€ Martin pushed the four throttle levers gently forward in their gate. The engines roared and the Stirling rumbled down the long runway. It took quite a distance to reach any great speed and then Martin eased the control-column forward to lift the tail. The sound from the engines, as Martin pushed the throttles all the way forward, was deafening. The end of the runway approached fast and Archibald felt the urge to close his eyes. At the last moment, Martin eased back the control column and the great aircraft lifted gracefully into the air. The trees of Suffolk whizzed under the wings as they slowly climbed into the blue July sky. Martin retracted the undercarriage, then the flaps and trimmed for flight. They gently banked to fly north and at 12, 000 feet he levelled out. a€œOn the ground shea€™s a duck but now shea€™s a swan!a€ He throttled back and the engine note became just a pleasant rumble in the background. a€œHere, Richard. You take her.a€ With dual control, the two pilots didna€™t even have to swap seats and with a barely noticeable dip of the wings, Richard took control. a€œShea€™s lovely!a€ a€œWell, not all would agree with that. She has her moments.a€ In a clearing sky, a flight of Spitfires passed them, flying south, the leader waggling his wings in greeting. After a while, Martin suggested Archibald have a try. a€œOh, no, not me.a€ a€œGo on!a€ Archibald, pale faced, but grinning like a school-boy, climbed into the co-pilota€™s seat and gripped the control-column as if his life depended on it. a€œJust hold her steady. Okay. You have control. We train pilots who have flown twin-engined jobs; Blenheims, Wellingtons, some Whitley crews not many of those left now. Ita€™s bloody more dangerous than Ops, I can tell you! Two crashed in the last month, both crews lost. All of them.a€ Archibalda€™s hands shook slightly. a€œOkay, now turn gently to port. Thata€™s it, pull back slightly or she will dip a wing too much and you might slide.a€ Martin gave the Stirling a little more throttle to keep the nose up, too. a€œThata€™s great.a€ After they completed the turn, he took back control. a€œI have it. Whata€™s that? Oh, okay. Navigator says therea€™s heavy weather over the wash. Better strap yourselves in.a€ Archibald twisted round and glanced at Cloudy. Leaning back in his chair, arms crossed, he looked for all the world as if he were fast asleep. a€œBut...a€ said Archibald. a€œArchie, old boy. Go to the Bomb Aimera€™s position and lie flat. There are brown paper bags if you need them, to your right.a€ When Archibald had got into position, Martin grinned at Richard. He put the Stirling into a gentle dive and let her build up speed to her maximum of 255 mph. a€œYou know, with these short wings, shea€™s no good at heights and not so good at many things... but she is good at this... Ha! Ha!a€ With that, he pushed the throttles suddenly forward and turned the steering wheel on top of the column to the right. The Stirling executed a complete, elegant roll and came back to level flight. a€œYou cana€™t do that in a Lancaster!a€ Richarda€™s eyes were popping out of his head. a€œBut! You mad bugger! Youa€™re not supposed to do that! Ita€™s not supposed to be possible!a€ a€œI know. Therea€™s some chap actually loops a Lancaster though. We need to keep up! And shea€™s quite good at this too!a€ With that he executed a barrel-roll and again came back to level flight before executing another one, in the opposite direction. This time he held her upside down for a few seconds and loose items in the cockpit fell from the floor to the canopy, floating past their faces and random directions as he put her into a slight, inverted dive. a€œStop it Martin! Youa€™ll kill us!a€ a€œHa! A-ha! Thata€™s it for now. Some boys actually looped a Sunderland so that should be possible too but I never tried it yet.a€ a€œYoua€™re mad! No more. I need to check on Archie. Keep her steady, okay?a€ a€œFine.a€ Richard clambered down through the opening in the control panel, to where he could see Archibald prone on the floor. He had pressed his face against a brown paper bag and was retching. Richard shook his shoulders. a€œYou alright, Archiea€ Archibald turned around, face was white with terror and shaking violently. a€œJust been a little bit... sick. Should we have done that?a€ a€œNo. To be honest, I didna€™t even think it possible. You mustna€™t tell anyone.a€ a€œNo.a€ With that, a pale grin passed over Archibalda€™s wan face. They landed safely back at Stradishall, the Stirling flouncing along the runway before settling unceremoniously on the concrete and rolling almost to the end. As soon as they were out of earshot of Martin, Archibald turned to Richard. a€œWe must have him.a€ A strange look of recognition came in Archibalda€™s eyes and suddenly he said, a€œYes, we must have him!a€Keep listening, everyone. ... He settled into his seat, and checked his harness one last time, as the huge Bomber, carrying the fighter like a mother bird carrying her fledgling, rumbled down the concrete strip. ... He had memorised the model of Berlin and, apart from false windows and decorations, the plywood facadesanbsp;...

Title:Attack Hitler's Bunker!
Author:Lazlo Ferran
Publisher:Lazlo Ferran - 2013-06-01


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