Attack Panic

Attack Panic

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For fifteen years, Shaun Grant suffered from general anxiety disorder (GAD), social phobia, and agoraphobia. Today, he is completely healed. How did he do it? Well, thata€™s what this book is about. And if you suffer from an anxiety condition such as GAD, OCD, PTSD, panic attacks, or anxiety-related phobias (social phobia or agoraphobia), then this book is for you too. Ita€™s time to throw away all your coping strategies, techniques, and safety crutches. Ita€™s time to turn your back on medication and therapy. Ita€™s time to stop searching for answers. The Building BlocksTM contained in Attack Panic are the foundation for your own healing and contain all that you need to know, do, and be to end your own suffering. The Building BlocksTM will help you cultivate the belief, faith, and courage required for you to face your fears head-on, teach you how to disempower panic attacks and phobias, and remove the underlying anxiety condition (GAD, OCD, PTSD) a€“ completely. If you are willing to do, whatever it takes, exactly what is asked of you, if you are willing to practise and persevere, your own healing is a matter of fact.YOUR GUIDE ON HOW TO OVERCOME PANIC ATTACKS, SOCIAL PHOBIA, AGORAPHOBIA, AND HEAL YOURSELF ... senses of awareness to drop back downa€”otherwise, i would probably be the most relaxed person stuck under a car .

Title:Attack Panic
Author:Shaun Grant
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-06-25


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