Attorney's Reference on Human Anatomy

Attorney's Reference on Human Anatomy

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This book provides attorneys and research assistants with quick and easy access to information previously found only by searching multiple sources. The format of the book includes a careful balance of text describing anatomic structures and illustrations enhancing those descriptions. The text is placed on one page with its corresponding illustrations on the opposing page. Information is grouped into separate sections of arteries, bones, muscles, nerves, and veins. These anatomic structures are alphabetized, by Latin nomenclature, to expedite access to them. Although the Latin and English terms are sufficiently similar, an index of the English equivalents has been added at the end of the book. Each illustration is coordinated with the text by means of colour and a large bold letter for easy identification. The book provides clear and concise descriptions of technical anatomic interspinales interspinal muscles short muscles between the spinous processes of contiguous vertebrae on either side of the interspinous ligament, including the mm. interspinales cervicis, mm. interspinales thoracis, and mm.

Title:Attorney's Reference on Human Anatomy
Author:June L. Melloni, Ida G. Dox, B. John Melloni, H. Paul Melloni
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2008-06-23


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