Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose

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When Elliot Hoover loses his wife and daughter, Audrey Rose, in a fiery car crash, his world explodes. To heal his mental anguish and claim some peace, he visits a psychic who reveals to him that his daughter has been reincarnated into Ivy Templeton, a young girl living in New York City. Desperate to reclaim anything from his daughter's past, he searches out Ivy, only to discover that the unbelievable is shockingly true-his daughter is back. Now, in an effort to save her life, Hoover must choose between two horrifying possibilities-leaving his daughter's soul in torment, or taking the life of the young girl in whom she now lives.Say again, a€ Bill stammered, trying to catch his breath. a€œHis nameisElliot SugginsHoover.a€ a€œYeah? How do youknow? ... a€œListen to me, Janice. ... This meeting should be over by twelve thirty. ... a€œIf you want, Ia#39;ll meet you for lunch, but I cana#39;t come down to the office. ... The sidewalk infrontof Des Artistes had been swept clean of snow and was practically dryas Mario ushered Janice tothe waiting cab and toldanbsp;...

Title:Audrey Rose
Author:Frank De Felitta
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-02-28


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