Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

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Autism affects 1 in every 68 American newborns. Cases of autism are increasing at a rate of 12% every year and families spend up to $100, 000 per year to deal with this disease; lifetime expenses may exceed $3 million per sufferer. What has changed to cause this rapid rise in the incidence of autism spectrum disorder? Whoa€™s the most susceptible? And what can be done about it? In this truly groundbreaking work, autism researcher John Cannell, MD, provides the most comprehensive and compelling explanation to date regarding the causes, prevention strategies, and treatment protocols that, in many cases, reverse autistic symptoms. Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council, draws on decades of research to make the strong case that vitamin D is very important in preventing autism and that high doses of vitamin D can be quite successful in treating some people with an autism spectrum disorder. He provides a thorough explanation of the relationship between autism and vitamin D, dispels many of the existing theories related to causes of autism, and presents a solid foundation for a revolutionary new approach to preventing and treating autism. Also included is a thorough discussion about obtaining safe levels of vitamin D through supplementation, sunlight, and diet is also provided. Heartwarming and encouraging case studies around out this innovative new book.And what prevents the childa#39;s body from repairing it? ... are constantly replicating from birth, and a man is at risk for passing on damaged genes unless his DNA repair system is working. ... Valproic acid, or Depakote, which is associated with ASD and genetic damage (although valproic acid may cause a tiny percentage of anbsp;...

Title:Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment
Author:John J. Cannell, MD
Publisher:Sunrise River Press - 2015-04-15


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