AutoIt V3: Your Quick Guide

AutoIt V3: Your Quick Guide

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AutoIt is becoming increasingly popularin the system administration field as atool for automating administrative tasks.Although this is one of its more popularuses, you can use AutoIt to automateanything in a Windows environment.This powerful scripting language can runany program and manipulate keyboardand mouse input. With its RunAs support, administrators can perform unattendedinstallations and configurationchanges using embedded administrativeprivileges. This guide teaches you the foundationsof the AutoIt v3 language. You will learnabout variables and includes, graphicaluser interfaces, user-defined functions, and conditional and loop statements.You will then apply what you havelearned in examples related to the systemadministration field. The examples inthis Short Cut can be used to create anythingfrom a game modification to a logonscript that verifies Windows updates.This version was the most notable release because it brought AutoIt to the forefront of the scripting world and made it a rival to Visual Basic Scripting, batch files, and other popular scripting languages. AutoIt is free to use and has a strong andanbsp;...

Title:AutoIt V3: Your Quick Guide
Author:Andy Flesner
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2007-09-18


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