Automated Data Analysis Using Excel

Automated Data Analysis Using Excel

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Because the analysis of copious amounts of data and the preparation of custom reports often take away time from true research, the automation of these processes is paramount to ensure productivity. Exploring the core areas of automation, report generation, data acquisition, and data analysis, Automated Data Analysis Using Excel illustrates how to minimize user intervention, automate parameter setup, obtain consistency in both analysis and reporting, and save time through automation. Focusing on the built-in Visual BasicAr for Applications (VBA) scripting language of ExcelAr, the book shows step-by-step how to construct useful automated data analysis applications for both industrial and academic settings. It begins by discussing fundamental elements, the methods for importing and accessing data, and the creation of reports. The author then describes how to use Excel to obtain data from non-native sources, such as databases and third-party calculation tools. After providing the means to access any required information, the book explains how to automate manipulations and calculations on the acquired data sources. Collecting all of the concepts previously discussed in the book, the final chapter demonstrates from beginning to end how to create a cohesive, robust application. With an understanding of this book, readers should be able to construct applications that can import data from a variety of sources, apply algorithms to data that has been imported, and create meaningful reports based on the results.While the XLODBC add-in will not install or function in Excel 2003 without some tweaking, a fix for this problem is described in this ... If the reader finds this policy somewhat frustrating or it has ... As described in our privacy statement, Microsoft will not use the information collected during validation to identify or contact you.a€ Ifanbsp;...

Title:Automated Data Analysis Using Excel
Author:Brian D. Bissett
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-06-15


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