Automation and environmental control in plant tissue culture

Automation and environmental control in plant tissue culture

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Automation and Environmental Control in Plant Tissue Culture rigorously explores the new challenges faced by modern plant tissue culture researchers and producers worldwide: issues of cost efficiency, automation, control, and optimization of the in vitro microenvironment. This book achieves a critical balance between the economic, engineering and biological viewpoints, and presents well-balanced, unique, and clearly organized perspectives on current initiatives in the tissue culture arena. Each chapter offers guidelines leading towards an exhaustive, unprecedented level of control over in vitro growth, based on emerging technologies of robotics, machine vision, environmental sensors and regulation, and systems analysis. Unlike other tissue culture books which focus on specific crops and techniques, this book spans the broad range of major tissue culture production systems, and advances evidence on how some underrated aspects of the process actually determine the status of the end product. Key researchers from industry and academia have joined to give up-to-date research evidence and analysis. The collection comprises an essential reference for industrial-scale tissue culture producers, as well as any researcher interested in optimizing in vitro production.Spruce SE: cost reductions by production stage. words, it may be more cost effective to only develop a system to 80% efficiency. This rule is particularly true for biomachinery which must process non-uniform biological material, whether it be a blueberry harvester or a SE bioreactor. ... Successful development will require the best biology and concomitant biomechanization available. ... These efforts, over a two year period resulted in a combined 81% reduction in costs for this crop.

Title:Automation and environmental control in plant tissue culture
Author:Jenny Aitken-Christie, T. Kozai, M.A.L Smith
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-29


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