Aves (Columbidae to Coraciidae)

Aves (Columbidae to Coraciidae)

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This is the first of four proposed volumes that will catalogue the birds of Australia. It contains a wealth of detail about the complex nomenclature and includes informative qualifications and taxonomic decisions. The Catalogue also documents type localities, distribution, ecology and bibliographic references. The authoritative work, compiled by world experts, is the culmination of many years of research and will be much in demand as the directory to the status of knowledge on the Australian fauna. Features * comprehensive introductions * 14 families, 12 subfamilies, 10 tribes * 130 living indigenous and established feral species * over 200 genus available names * over 700 species available names * nomina nuda, incertae sedis and taxa confirmanda * subgeneric arrangements * subspecific arrangements * alternative taxonomic arrangements * many new taxonomic and nomenclatural decisions * synonymies, with authorities * detailed qualifications of the status of names * location and status of type material * new type designations * type localities * summaries of distribution and ecology * ecological keywords * extensive literature citationRoyal Australasian Ornithologists Union xx 3ll pp.; Ford, J. (l980). ... Emu 80: l03- l20a€” but Waglera#39;s description in conjunction with a figure and account of the bill ( mandibula latissima a basi ... Schedule l3 (Restricted) Wildlife Field Manual. ... E QLD, north to Connors-Clarke Ranges, south to Dawes and probably Many Peaks Ranges, and inland to Expedition and probably Peak and Denham Ranges.

Title:Aves (Columbidae to Coraciidae)
Author:Richard Schodde, I. J. Mason, A. Wells
Publisher:CSIRO PUBLISHING - 1997-01-01


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