Awaiting Greatness 0.1

Awaiting Greatness 0.1

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Ry is a ten-year-old boy found in the middle of the rain forest living with his parents by a stranger that has both the skills and power to kill them. However, the stranger befriends the family, and once recognizing that young Ry has a special gift he convinces the parents to allow him to train their son. This begins the 15-year journey of a little boy who grows up without knowing the heavy burden that is placed on his shoulders. Ry will have to be pushed to the edge of death either to fulfill destiny or to fail it. Will Ry succeed in defeating a man that has the power to unleash the greatest genocide since the great flood? Or is Rya€™s failure to stop the apocalypse fulfillment of the destiny he was born for?But considering the fact that Ia#39;m the master I find it weird that he was able to do this all without me knowing about it. What about you Bruce, ... At this point, the bodyguard perks up and finally turns around saying a€œactually asking him would be pointless.a€ Those words ... town shouldna#39;t do. The reason why is because the black ops group is comprised of inventers, fighters, spies, and when need be assassins.

Title:Awaiting Greatness 0.1
Author:A.G.A Masters
Publisher:A.G. Masters - 2013-12-17


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