Awakening Your Psychic Skills

Awakening Your Psychic Skills

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Author Joanne Brunn asserts that every human being has psychic abilities. We can realize our psychic potential by allowing ourselves to be perceptive and sensitive to the world and people around us. She points out that everybody has hunches and gut feelings, and claims these moments of awareness are manifestations of our intuitive knowledge about choices and decisions that are best for us. She discusses ways of sharpening psychic skills, and suggests exercises that readers can perform to bring forth their innate psychic gifts. Topics she introduces include: * The everyday use of ESP and clairvoyance * Kinesiology, or awareness of body responses to determine yes or no answers * Use of divination tools, including tarot cards and numerology * Mental projection to transmit beneficial thoughts to others * Use of the pendulum to divine the future The author claims that by becoming our own psychic advisor we help our lives flow more easily, prompting us to live life to its fullest. This intriguing text is complemented with 90 color illustrations.This intriguing text is complemented with 90 color illustrations. [back cover] Awakening Your Psychic Skills Everyone has psychic abilities which are revealed at times when we act on a hunch or follow a gut feeling to make a decision.

Title:Awakening Your Psychic Skills
Author:Joanne E. Brunn
Publisher:Barron's Educational Series - 2004


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