Ayann #1 A Fantasy Action Adventure

Ayann #1 A Fantasy Action Adventure

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The first part... Foi the Palatine, Frieden the Barbarian, Jisei the Priestess, Ayann the Valkyrie, and Amabilidad the Archer have banded together in search of adventure and riches, but since coming together they have found more riches in their camaraderie. The group of dungeon raiders have met every monster and trap thrown at them, but can their unity and friendship survive the most tragic of circumstances? During one of their missions, one of their members is killed and the tight knit group splinters. In their sorrow and grief, they decide to turn to dark magic to bring back their beloved member, but fate steps in and sends a mysterious cook who wiggles her way into their group. Is the bonds of friendship enough to save the group of dungeon raiders from annihilation or will despair make them desperately cling to the darkness and break the ultimate taboo? Magic both dark and light will face off as the lives of five lay in the balance. Look for more books in the series- Ayann -Outlandish Realms Series: V1. Ayann #1 A Fantasy Action Adventure- Part A- Broken Sword In Dragon Dungeon V2. Ayann #1 A Fantasy Action Adventure- Part B- The Vampire's Curse And The Phoenix's FeathersI prayed they were a great distance from us and that the way the ice cave and tunnels had formed, amplified the sound and ... a€œMy ankle, but I can walk on it a little, a€ I told him. ... We will have to find another way out but only after we have taken care of our adversaries. ... I took his quiver with a shaky hand as the Ice Wolf-spiders sounded again, quaking my heart with their blood-thirsty barks and snarls.

Title:Ayann #1 A Fantasy Action Adventure
Author:Kristie Lynn Higgins
Publisher:Kristie Lynn Higgins - 2015-08-08


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