Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside

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He usually gets what he wants. What he wants is her...and all that comes with her. Men at Work, Book 1 Sex in the office? Lincoln Campbell knows better. His assistant, Thea Marshall, is off limitsa€”until her back hits the door and her clothes come off. The next day brings more than morning-after regrets. It brings damning evidence that Thea stole business secrets. Three months later, he cana€™t shake the doubts in his gut, so he heads for Theaa€™s family cabin by the lake, ready to talk. Hea€™s not ready for the woman who answers the door. She was shapely before...and it wona€™t be long before shea€™s a totally different shape. After Linc escorted her off company property while her protestations of innocence fell on deaf ears, facing off with him now isna€™t exactly Theaa€™s idea of a good time. She needs a few more weeks to plan the drastically different direction her life has taken, but now hea€™s herea€”and refusing to leave. With a storm rolling in and snow piling up, therea€™s nothing to do but face the past...and try to resist the real man behind the suit. Warning: A hot businessman who usually gets what he wants. A strong woman who refuses to be pushed arounda€”on the morning after, or any other time. And a cabin where the showdown begins.So long as he didna#39;t go into his bedroom or the kitchen or even slide over and sit on the other couch in the room, he was fine. All of those places ... Even seeing her purse with its contents spilling out over his glass dining room table hadna#39;t bothered him last night. Shea#39;dleft ... Allthings thatshould have driven his needfororder brainto the point of explosion, but they seemed...normal with her. Not thatheanbsp;...

Title:Baby, It's Cold Outside
Author:HelenKay Dimon
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2014-02-25


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