Bach Flower Remedies For Men

Bach Flower Remedies For Men

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In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach found that restoring emotional balance to his patients drove out ill-health and unhappiness. Bach Flower Remedies for Men shows how his 38 flower-and-plant-based remedies apply to the particular emotional problems of men, and how a system that heals the whole person can win freedom from the pressure to conform and perform. Topics covered include bullying, falling in love, sexuality, job-hunting, redundancy and fatherhood, and specific problems from acne and hair loss to heart disease and prostate trouble are described in a practical, non-technical way. Bach Flower Remedies for Men is written with men in mind. But it will prove invaluable to therapists, healers, lovers, wives, sisters, daughters and mothers - anyone, in fact, who has a man's welfare at heart.When a man actually receive the news that he is one of the ones to go his confidence can take a huge knock, and ... Ita#39;s important when redundancy strikes not to give way to resentment or any other negative emotions. ... Finally, you have a great many things to do, such as claiming benefits and sorting your finances out , and you really cana#39;t afford to waste time ... Maybe you would be happier retiring early, or perhaps you could get by with a part-time job that would leave you time toanbsp;...

Title:Bach Flower Remedies For Men
Author:Stefan Ball
Publisher:Random House - 2011-11-30


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