Backyard Dog

Backyard Dog

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When Risa receives a mysterious book from the Rainbow Bridge Committee, the shelter worker is thrust into the life stories of 10 German shepherd puppies. See their life journey from birth to the Bridge where all beloved dogs wait for their owners to continue their spiritual journey together. Read about each of Helga's pups as they share with you each personal story by telling it themselves. Filled with humorous adventures, courageous acts, and most of all love. The author 15+ years shelter volunteer, foster home for rescues, animal control officer and has a BA from a small NH college. This book is the authors heart. Most stories are not entirely fictional, as an author there are liberties taken with the truth. This book can and has changed a person's life. Don't skip it because you think you'll cry. A lot of books bring your heart to the surface. The best, most memorable books ever written draw you heart and soul into someone else's imagination and personal view. You will not be disappointed.The newspapers lining her crate had blood, feces and urine soaking them. ... I hoped that I could get out of here and play with some of the other dogs today but Irene came out and went around doing the same cleaning routine as last night. She put each of the dogs on the floor and relined the cages with paper, added more water and food. ... stuck to my tail, I tried cleaning it but had so little time to wander the garage, I dismissed it and trotted across the cold cement floor to the shepherd.

Title:Backyard Dog
Author:Ilona Benzel
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-02-17


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