Bacterial Spores

Bacterial Spores

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Bacterial endospores are dormant structures produced by stressed bacterial cells. Due to their intrinsic resistance, endospores are perfect vehicles for causing infection. A number of endospore-producing bacteria can cause diseases, including tetanus, anthrax, and botulism. Other spore-forming species have been used in biotechnological applications, such as probiotics and biocides. Modern molecular studies are providing new insights into the biochemical and biophysical characteristics of spore forming bacteria that may lead to promising new applications, detection methods, and therapeutics. In this book, expert authors from around the world contribute comprehensive, up-to-date reviews on the current state of knowledge of bacterial endospores. Topics include: gene regulation of sporulation * fruiting body development in Myxococcus Xanthus * sporulation in Streptomyces * structure and composition of the bacterial spore * mechanisms of spore survival * germination of spores * spore peptidoglycan degradation * water and cations flux during sporulation and germination * the spore as an infectious agent * heterogeneity in spore populations * detection of bacterial spores * the expression of recombinant proteins using spores. This is an essential text for everyone involved in spore research, the expression of recombinant proteins, and pathogen detection. The book is also recommended for all scientists who wish to keep up with cutting-edge research in microbiology and biotechnology.Effects of a reduced dose schedule and intramuscular administration of anthrax vaccine adsorbed on immunogenicity and safety ... Ahigh-affinity monoclonal antibody to anthrax protective antigen passively protects rabbits before and after aerosolized ... Adverse events after anthrax vaccination reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990a€“2007 [Vaccine 2009; 27, 290a€“ 297].

Title:Bacterial Spores
Author:Ernesto Abel-Santos
Publisher:Horizon Scientific Press - 2012


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