Badass Christian

Badass Christian

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Sugar really tried hard to serve the Lord but all she knew was what she was taught. Sometimes the traditions of man make the word of God of no effect. Things would change drastically when Rev. Bebo Biarritz came into the picture. It would change her for life forever. This little book is a blazed with the flames of passion, brimstone and the Holy Ghost. Sometimes God uses the most unlikely people to confound the wisdom of the wise. God looks at the heart. What are you looking at? You shall know them by their carnage. Or was it fruit? Travel this Damascus road with Sugar and Reverend Bebo Biarritz to the cross where the grace of God is sufficient for a Badass Christian. You may have to come out of your comfort zone to read this book. I dare you...But not me! Ester Mae came to me one day when The Station was broken down. She said, a€œI can get your car fixed for you.a€ I said, a€œI do not have the money.a€ I had two children and was living with Sweet-Tee. She had moved to Baton Rouge, anbsp;...

Title:Badass Christian
Author:Kyle Alexander
Publisher:Habakkuk Transcriptions Company - 2012-12-28


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