Baghdad Billion

Baghdad Billion

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Charles Darwin is an angry man living in the small town of Benton. While he was searching for qbitter endersq in the wastelands of Iraq, his wife was murdered in a Baghdad warehouse. He gave up his career to cope with the loss, but he is lured back to the game. When Darwin discovers that his wife was shot to facilitate the theft of four large trucks, each holding 250 million dollars in 100 dollar bills, he calls together his band of special operators known as the Benton Run. The covert cell has talent ranging from Air Force Major Josh Kepler who drives almost as well as he flies, Doctor China Gates who is an international expert on the heroin trade, and young Amy Amelia, an expert shot with a .50 caliber rifle. The Baghdad Billion went missing on the first of May, the Benton Run team has to go back to Iraq six weeks later to pick up the trail. The people who stole the money think Charles Darwin is a disgraced FBI special agent, they do not know he is the primary shooter of the security organization called the Kennel. Before Darwin finds the man who shot his wife, he and his team are ambushed in Georgia and attacked on the highway that goes to the Baghdad airport. The secretive thieves have access to the tools of the war on terror, but they overlooked Darwin's alter ego, the persistent felony offender called Bobby Dark who never backs down from a fight. Darwin's advice to the criminals, qSpend the money fast. I am on the way.q The Baghdad Billion is a work of fiction but many of the situations, locations, and incidents are documented within the novel. This fast-paced adventure novel is literally torn from the headlines of today.Though I did believe the billion dollars should go back to Iraq. The tab for the war was escalating every day into higher numbers that no one from the government was really going to like. ... Brian used the silver Cross pen in his shirt pocket to write a ten digit cell phone number on the back of a business card. When I looked atanbsp;...

Title:Baghdad Billion
Author:Clifford Farides
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-01-01


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