Bake it Great

Bake it Great

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Bake it GreatAca‚na„c is the first book from 'Great British Bake Off' finalist Luis Troyano. The Manchester-based graphic designer wowed the nation with his striking and ambitious creations and now he wants to pass on his knowledge of how to make your bakes outstanding in this book of 100 recipes. Not content with making something taste great, Luis wants it to look great as well Aca‚na€œ he believes even the simplest of bakes can be show-stopping, from Bakewell cupcakes to eye-catching centrepiece breads. And it doesnAca‚na„ct stop there, with LuisAca‚na„c help even the novice baker can work their way up to an ambitious gAƒActeau and know that it will turn out spectacular. LuisAca‚na„c simple tips and meticulous instructions will demystify the art of baking, from getting to know your oven, to the finer arts of finishing, meaning you simply canAca‚na„ct go wrong. Chapters on cakes, breads, sweet doughs, snacks and slices, tarts, pies and pastries, with focus chapters on Spanish recipes and cooking with honey, mean that the basics are all covered. With plenty of unusual and fun suggestions too, in particular rarely-seen classics from LuisAca‚na„c Spanish upbringing and some truly novel presentation ideas, this book will enlarge any baker's repertoire.Alternatively, you can make the breadsticks a little more rustic by dividing the dough into 20 equal pieces and rolling them into thin sausage shapes, 28cm long. Cover them ... Garlic aamp; Parmesan monkey bread A sweet pull-apart bread, baked.

Title:Bake it Great
Author:Luis Troyano
Publisher:Pavilion Books - 2015-07-30


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