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BAKED! New and improved! 2nd Edition - Over 50 Delicious marijuana edible recipes for you to make and munch! Time tested and approved by cannabis cooks and marijuana experts! This book answers questions like: - How much weed do I use for my cooking? - How do I make weed butter or bud butter, also called canna butter? - How do I make the BEST Pot Brownie? - How do I make cannabis suckers? - How do I make a Green Dragon? - How do I make a No-Bake Marijuana Cookie? a€band many more unanswered questions covered in this 3rd book from Emma Stoner and Max Green. View more titles at This innovative cookbook brings a remarkable design to the joy of cooking and baking with cannabis. Featuring stimulating recipes and lush color photography, it approaches cannabis as yet another fine ingredient to be studied and savored. You will find exotic and never before seen weed recipes like, Moon Slice, Mars Love, and Mad Marshmallows. You learn how to make and bake delicious foods that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Baked! Gives you all you need to know about how to cook with weed and enjoy the herb used by millions of people all over the world. This edition also includes the history of cooking with cannabis, biochemical properties and effects, how to make tinctures and butters, and over 50 step-by-step recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, baked goods, and other essentials. The recipes and munchies presented in this book are so delicious that nothing will get wasted. Almost nothing! Includes: - Over 50 kitchen tested medicated recipes for soups, salads, snacks, appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts. - Over 40 full color photos - Processing cannabis for cooking - How to make marijuana butters, oils and tinctures - Cooking with hash and kief - Minimizing unwanted herbal flavors Recipes in this book are easy to prepare, great tasting and relatively cheap. They have been tested and approved by generations of family and friends. Enjoy them with those special friends who will appreciate them. Enjoy them on your own! A FEW OF THE RECIPES: Blackhole BBQ Sauce Smoke Signal Tacos Chicken Ziggy Rip Choking Chili Funkified Fettuccine Triple Ripple Protein Bars Kingly Crumpets Skyhigh Cinnamon Rolls Chessy CannaCrackers Hog Heaven Roasters Major Emergency Chocolate Cake Spliffed-in Apple Cake Marble Brownie Madness Cherrya€™s Da Bomb Miss Cocoa€™s Hard Cream Jaha€™s Own Hot Chocolate The Red Eye Mary Sweet Taiwanese Tea The a€œNo Hook-upa€ Tea Merry Christmas Milkshake ...AND MANY MORE! Plus, learn how to make: -CannaButter -Ganja butter -Basic bud butter -Hempy oil -Cannabis cooking oil -Alcohol Tinctures -Glycerin Tinctures Get this book today and start enjoying these easy to make recipes with your friends and family. Eat Responsibly! View more titles at This is a weed cookbook for pot recipes and a self help medical marijuana cook book for those that love to eat their cannabis. It contains gourmet cooking recipes for tinctures, meals, snacks, treats, drinks, deserts, cookies, brownies and various other medicinal marijuana cooking recipes and edibles.Description: A different take on the classic Cannabis Cooking Oil, this recipe uses peanut oil as its base. The thicker consistency ... Ingredients: 1 cup of peanut oil ( you may need more since the product absorbs so much). 1 stick of margarineanbsp;...

Author:Emma Stoner,
Publisher:619 Publishing - 2015-01-29


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