Ballet & Modern Dance

Ballet & Modern Dance

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Here is a refreshing and informative look at the entire range of Western dance through the well-schooled eye of The New York Times dance critic Jack Anderson. Now expanded and updated, this second edition of the original bestseller is an engaging interpretation of dance history -from the Ancient Greeks and European royal courts to the rise of 'American' ballet and the explosion of modern dance. A valuable reference, this provides related readings -key primary sources- as well as a Short Profiles section, an excellent introduction to the profession's most enduring personalities.Tutus were dangerously flammable and many instances are recorded of dancers dying in horrible stage accidents. ... Her tutu caught fire and she ran hysterically about the stage, costume ablaze, until a stagehand stopped her long enough to put out the flames. ... Romantic ballet reached its height in 1841 with the premiere of Giselle at the Paris Opera. ... poet Heinrich Heine, was by Theophile Gautier and the experienced professional librettist Jules-Henry Vernoy de Saint-Georges.

Title:Ballet & Modern Dance
Author:Jack Anderson
Publisher:Dance Horizons - 1992


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