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Providing new chapters, homework problems, case studies, figures, and examples, Ballistics: Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition, Second Edition encourages superior design and innovative applications in the field of ballistics. It examines the analytical and computational tools used to predict a weapona€™s behavior in terms of pressure, stress, and velocity, demonstrating their applications in ammunition and weapons design. Whata€™s New in the Second Edition: Includes computer examples in Mathcad (available on the CRC website) Adds a section of color plates, to better help readers visualize the physical concepts of ballistics Contains sections on modern explosives equations of state for detonation physics modeling and on probability of hit Provides a solutions manual for those teaching college and training courses This book covers exterior ballistics, exploring the physics behind trajectories, including linear and nonlinear aeroballistics, and focuses on the effects of projective impact, including details on shock physics, shaped charges, penetration, fragmentation, and wound ballistics. Reviews and integrates the fundamental science and engineering concepts involved in guns and ammunition Uses straightforward, easy-to-read style, and careful development of complex topics Shares insights rooted in the experience of renowned experts, many associated with the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and International Ballistics Society The field of ballistics comprises three main areas of specialization: interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics. This book explains all three areas, offering a seamless presentation of the complex phenomena that occur during the launch, flight, and impact of a projectile.(2.86) We have neglected potential energy changes here because they are usually quite small relative to the other terms. We shall examine an example in the form of a potato gun to illustrate the use of Equation 2.86 and the other methods ofanbsp;...

Author:Donald E. Carlucci, Sidney S. Jacobson
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-08-26


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