Bandit and the Hidey Hole

Bandit and the Hidey Hole

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He wasna€™t really a bandit. He just considered that when he saw something he wanted, it should become his. It was amazing that a human girl became one of those things. His actions created a strange puzzle for a girl from the city, but her actions were just as much of a puzzle to him. That included the strange dead-looking thing with its legs all on one side that she often rubbed over her head. This is the second book of the Twenty Book Series, Wildwood Village Summer Camp where 25 girls, ages ten to twelve, could spend a summer with each other and the local animals of central Oklahoma.a€œLook, those girls are making a paper hat. Look how the middle pokes up.a€ a€œThata#39;s to trap air so the boat wona#39;t sink so fast, a€ came the explanation. a€œHow about an envelope with the sides turned up? Would that float?a€ a€œIa#39;m going to twist this rope anbsp;...

Title:Bandit and the Hidey Hole
Author:Joann Ellen Sisco
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-13


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