Banks: The Cause and Cure of Recession

Banks: The Cause and Cure of Recession

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After teaching twenty five years in the university inside and outside the United States, I decided to publish a series of lectures on the different issues of the Economy. Economics is a subject many students in the university do not want to study. Most of them take it because it is a necessary course in the university unless they want to specialize in that field. I was born and brought up in India and studied at the State University in the Southern part of India and got graduated in Economics for both BA and MA. Then started teaching in the same university and after few years became the chairperson of the Department of Economics and in the year 1986 migrated to the United States and took an MS in the science of Education from St. Johna€™s University, New York and then went to Fordham University, New York and there I completed the Ph.d program in Economics and then moved to the South and started teaching a few courses in the universities in the South as time permits. My husband owned a decent family business, so teaching was not the main source of income. Both of us studied at Fordham University; his specialty in Anthropology and mine in Economics worked real well for us. Whenever we needed to do some research on the book he was writing he liked to go to the library of Congress and going with him all the time I also got a chance to do the necessary research on my field. Actually the incentive to publish a series of lectures on the general issues of the economy, I developed from the Research I did at the Library of Congress. My ambition is to make the regular people who have not much access to the basic principles of economics must become familiar with the important levels of economics which they are using in their day to day lives.As his best friend requested him to go there John did notthink much and wenttothe bank. Two best friends meeting and discussing future business plans was a thrill for John. This time the loan officer gave him another idea to make moneyanbsp;...

Title:Banks: The Cause and Cure of Recession
Author:Thres. Joseph Karottukunnel
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-30


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