Banned Legal Secrets To Protect Your Legal Rights Every Day

Banned Legal Secrets To Protect Your Legal Rights Every Day

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I, James Dazouloute, do hate injustice to it's lowest and highest stench. Is there a God above, who hates injustice as much as I do?. Is there an angel who is willing to fight for justice as much as I am willing?. Or, are the gods in heavenly realms just too satisfied with joy and comfort, and simply do not care to hand - out judgment upon nations and mankind?. And even upon themselves for turning a blind eye?. I do so hate injustice, unfairness, abuse, slavery, persecution, rape of a People, theft of a People, and as well as dignity stolen from each man and woman, who is a little god, made in God's image. Is there a God who hates injustice as much as I do?. Well yesterday, today and everyday, with every fiber of my being I fight, for my fellow man and woman, All Atrocities. James Dazouloute This Book a€œBanned Legal Secrets To Protect Your Legal Rights Everyday a€ was written by me with just you in mind Beloved. Yes you my friend, who sometimes do not know what to do about some common legal situations that happen to you and will continue to, everyday in society. And even when you do hire an expensive Lawyer to protect your legal rights, you tend to just believe that he or she will do their very best for you. And many times that is not the case, as most Attorneys have way too many case loads to give you the attention you deserve, and also the majority of them are just mediocre in the Legal Profession, due to poor training and laziness. And the very best thing that you should always do, is to hire the very best a€œ A - Rated a€œ Law Firm, and be assigned one of their top Attorneys who has never lost a case. And so that way you would be guaranteed that your rights will be fought for, with the ultimate legal energy. But You Already Know That Every One Loses, Sooner Than Later. And so you are left to fend for yourself, as well as fight to protect your legal rights and from injustice. And this Book does give you all the basic tools that you will ever need when faced with Life, which is always full of legal situations. This book is also a collection of my many a€œ Legal Help Writings, a€œ which some have been published and others are brand new, all to help you so you will not miss out on any thing. And I also give to you a whopping 60 Chapters of legal situations that you will face, but with a€œ Ever a€“ Green information a€œ on how to overcome your legal troubles today, and tomorrow. And I even show you how to legally have the Police apologize to you, as well how to properly handle your Lawyer and keep his or her feet to the legal fire. Just so you will never end up being a victim. I teach you the meaning of, and the inner workings of legal problems that you and your loved ones will face for life, and still end up having a fair shake at the legal system that was originally written to protect the common man and woman. And not the elite with the largest pocket, or the shadiest of characters who can manipulate and bribe their way to freedom, as it appears to be today. Today and everyday, I want to save you years from rotting in Jail, as well as millions of dollars in wasted legal expenses. Also I want to save your life, by not receiving the mark of the a€œ Stigmata a€œ of being labeled a€œ Ex a€“ Convict. a€œ And then, although you have done your time, you will continually be discriminated against by one and all. And all opportunities to join with your brothers and sisters in life to accomplish great things, will be non a€“ existent. P. S. You must always consult with your Local Attorney on any specific legal issues you might be facing, as this book is only a guide of general legal situations. Any legal advice regarding your case should be referred to your Lawyer. SO DO ENJOY BEING MADE AWARE, SO YOU CAN HAVE FREEDOM Table Of Contents: Chapter 01. Foreword by Author Chapter o2. Table Of Contents Chapter 03. Police Trouble And Situations, 7 Tips On How To Deal With It. Chapter 04. Search Without A Warrant... Is This Legal?. Chapter 05. What Is Deadly Force... And How Does The Police Use It?. Chapter 06. Going To Jail, Easy Ways To Stay Out. Chapter 07. Criminal Justice System, Just How Exactly Does It Work?. Chapter 08. Legal Expenses, Just How Do You Keep Them Low? Chapter 09. What Is Legal Insurance, How And Where To Get It?. Chapter 10. Who Is Sorry Now, See How Love Can Get You In Legal Troubles. Chapter 11. Lawyer Abuse, Control Your Lawyer In 5 Easy Steps. Chapter 12. Search Warrant... How Does The Police Get One?. Chapter 13. How To Answer A Lawsuit In Court, 4 Easy Steps. Chapter 14. Jury Trial, What Does That Mean And What Are The Steps Taken In A Jury Trial?. Chapter 15. Media Relations, How To Deal With The Media While On The Job And Off Duty. Chapter 16. Crime Victims, Who Are They And What Kind Of Compensation is There For Crime Victims Chapter 17. How To Be Aware Of The Crooked Legal System And It's Cover Ups?. Chapter 18. Identity Theft, Protect Yourself And Do Not Become A Victim Of Criminals Chapter 19. Stolen Identity Miseries, And The Troubles They Cause You. Chapter 20. How To Restore Your Stolen Identity?. Chapter 21. Lost My Wallet, What To do And Avoid These Horrible Nightmare Stories. Chapter22. To Reduce Debt, 7 Quick And Easy Steps To Take. Chapter 23. Child Support Information, Ways To Get It. Chapter 24. Driver ' s License Help, Ways To Deal With Every Issue. Chapter 25. Filing For Divorce, 7 Easy Steps To Get It Done. Chapter 26. Traffic Tickets, How To Handle Them Easily. Chapter 27. Vehicle Repairs - How To Deal With Repair Shops. Chapter 28. Against drunk driving, what to do and not do to help your society. Chapter 29. Create A Will, Ways To Avoid Nightmares After Death. Chapter 30. Make A Will, Why You Need A Will To Avoid Fighting After Death. Chapter 31. Facebook Danger, The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets. Chapter 32. Missing Person, How To Deal With This Devastating Situation While Looking For A Loved One. Chapter 33. Armed Security Guard, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Position. Chapter 34. Become A Police Officer, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Profession. Chapter 35. Peace Officer Standard And Training ( P. O. S. T., ) What Does That Mean And How Do You Go About It?. Chapter 36. Become Bounty Hunter, And Be A Hero Protecting Society Chapter 37. Notary Public, Easy Way To Be One a Help Others Do Business. Chapter 38. Women Bodyguards.... The Important Role They Play. Chapter 39. What Is Community Policing, And What Is Expected Of The Police Officer Doing Community Policing?. Chapter 40. Domestic Violence, How Do Police Deal With Family Violence And Domestic Disputes?. Chapter 41. What Is Ethnocentrism, And What Legal Effects Does It Have Racially?. Chapter 42. How To File For Bankruptcy, Using Chapter 7 And Keep Your Sanity?. Chapter 43. Firearms Safety Rules, Ten Rules That Are Not Open For Discussions That You Must Follow. Chapter 44. Booby Traps, What Are They And How Do They Work To Protect You And Your Assets Legally?. Chapter 45. 10 Ways To Deal With Conflicts And Stay Out Of The Legal System. Chapter 46. How To Fight Injustice Using The Help Of A Crowd Of People?. Chapter 47. 911, Why We Should Forgive And Never Forget. Chapter 48. Most Unbelievable, The Legal Moralities Of A Soldier - A Gladiator - And A King. Chapter 49. Police Shootings, The Effects And Voids Left On Our Streets When Officer Is Gone Chapter 50. Most Unbelievable, See How 3 People W/ Different Backgrounds Ended Up Serving The Legal Justice System. Chapter 51. Thanksgiving Traditions, And The Place Of The Military In Them. Chapter 52. Stop Child Molestation, 7 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe. Chapter 53. How To Communicate With Anyone Legally And Properly?. Chapter 54. 10 Categories Of Emotions To Deal With When Facing Injustice. Chapter 55. What Is Life, And How To Contribute It To Human Rights?. Chapter 56. 6 New Year Resolutions To Deal With All Legal Situations. Chapter57. Simple Life, How To Live It Without Legal Troubles And Worries?. Chapter 58. Thank You God... For Helping Me With All Legal Troubles. A Spiritual Poem Chapter 59. Comment By Author Chapter 60. About Author And His Activities FAILURE TO BE AWARE, IS FAILURE TO HAVE FREEDOM. James DazoulouteTraffic. Tickets, . How. To. Handle. Them. Easily. Dear reader, say you are driving down the street and make a right turn without your signal, and there goes the Police. Or you are on the Highway and your foot gets a little heavy, and you are overanbsp;...

Title:Banned Legal Secrets To Protect Your Legal Rights Every Day
Author:James Dazouloute
Publisher:James Dazouloute -


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