Baptism for the Dead

Baptism for the Dead

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High atop the Temple looming over Brigham Younga€™s city, the golden Angel Moroni trumpets to The True Believers. Far below, on Salt Lakea€™s blizzard-blinded streets, fallen angel Moroni Traveler gives the devil his due. An ex-football star turned P.I., Travelera€™s searching for his chronically lost love who may not want to be found, and setting up shop in the town he once called home. Penny Varney, ungodly daughter of a powerful High Churchman, wants Traveler to find her mothera€”whom she fears is dead. The Church also wants Traveler on its payroll, on its terms: Dona€™t mess in Church business. But when Traveler discovers a far-out sect, a self-appointed savior with a secret army, and blood atonementa€”sanctified murder in which the victim is a€œset free from sina€a€”Church business becomes his calling. Ita€™s a mission that will take him into the haunted, crimson mountains to find a lost soula€”without losing his own.a€œWe dona#39;t get many men in this conclave, a€ she said, her tone heading toward condemnation. a€œNot during working hours anyway. ... I had my wisdom teeth out last week. It takes forever for the swelling to go down. Ia#39;m here for the prayer meeting.

Title:Baptism for the Dead
Author:R. R. Irvine
Publisher:AudioGO - 2013-06-01


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