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For the next seven days, Silas Johnson, Jr. distances himself from the woman he loves, 22-year-old singer Brenda Baker. A lawyer living in Washington, D.C., Silas is 24 and suddenly confronted with tragic childhood memories that he has managed to suppress for the past six years. Now Silas must have answers and resolution before he can move forward with Brenda. Dreams, sexual indiscretions, flashbacks, and questions about God and faith combine to assist Silas in his attempt to understand, make peace with, and finally bring closure to a haunting past of incest and molestation that has been couched in Christianity.From the window above the kitchen sink, she could look out over the backyard. From the trash barrel, she noticed smoke rising up out of the barrel and wondered what had been burned. She knew it wasna#39;t ... Since then, the Reverend had fixed the hole. He never paid ... Silas heard the scraping on the kitchen floor that came from scooting the chair back when his daddy got up from the table. Guess he hadanbsp;...

Author:Vincent Tolliver
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-02-01


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