Barack Obama, the Aloha Zen President

Barack Obama, the Aloha Zen President

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With a foreword written by former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, this book portrays President Barack Obama as a true child of Hawai'i and explains why he believes that America can achieve even more greatness by learning from the multicultural customs of the 50th state. * Provides connections between quotes from President Barack Obama to his philosophy and temperament throughout the book * Supplies a comprehensive look at the multiculturalism of Hawai'i and ties these characteristics to Obama's career and political decision-making * Includes a reprint of the text of the Aloha Spirit Law, which guides governmental decisions in Hawai'i with the force of law * Identifies how Obama's presidency is unlike any other as a result of his multicultural experiences as a child of Hawai'i, and why he is compelled to bring his humanity, idealism, and strong belief in American values to the entire countryMorris, Aldyth (1980). Damien. Honolulu: University Press of HawaiEri. Morris, Nomi (2010). a€œAnalyzing Obamaa#39;s Bible References, a€ Los Angeles Times, August 14. Morton, J. (2008). a€œObamaa#39;s Backgrounda€”Impressive Royal and Presidential anbsp;...

Title:Barack Obama, the Aloha Zen President
Author:Michael Haas
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2011-01


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