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Barbecue: A History examines barbecue's history and place in American society using both historical and contemporary sources. The book examines all aspects of barbecue: Outdoor grilling and traditional slow cooking Restaurant and home cooking International forms of barbecue The specific foods involved in a barbecue The concept of the barbecue as a gathering Historical and contemporary recipes for main and side dishes Readers are treated here to a delightful and thorough history of barbecue, including its appearance in music, television, and film, and a consideration of how we think of and enjoy barbecue today.On top ofthis place a€œone lobster for each guest, then sweet corn, potatoes and onions, enough for everyone, with a final layer of seaweed. Finally over the top, put a wet canvas or tarpaulin.a€30 This should be covered with rocks, to keep steamanbsp;...

Author:Tim Miller
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2014-08-07


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