Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running

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How could something we have for freea€”our bare feeta€”be better for running than $150 shoes? The truth is that running in shoes is high-impact, unstable, and inflexible. Shoes promote a heel-centric ground strike, which weakens your feet, knees, and hips, and leads to common running injuries. In contrast, barefoot running is low-impact, forefoot-centric, stable, and beneficial to your body. It encourages proper form and strengthens your feet in miraculous ways. When you run in shoes, you not only risk developing poor form, but you also hinder the natural relationship with the ground that running facilitates. Barefoot running restores the delightful sensory and spiritual connections to the earth that you were meant to experience. Barefoot Running offers the only step-by-step direction runners need at any age to overcome injuries, run faster than ever, and rediscover the pure joy of running. Once you tear off your shoes and learn to dance with nature, youa€™ll tread lightly and freely, hearing only the eartha€™s symphony and feeling only the dirt beneath your feet. Hit the ground running with revolutionary techniques for starting out slowly, choosing minimalist footwear, navigating rough weather and rugged terrain, and building your feet into living shoes. From the Trade Paperback edition.Foot Massage. You never need an excuse for a good foot massage. but if youa#39;ve been working your feet hard, I especially recommend you get one. ... and aid with circulationa€”in other words, it doesna#39;t just feel great, but helps your feet to recover and grow back stronger. You can have one professionally done by someone at a local massage therapy school, by a spouse, or even do a self-massage on the foot ... Until gains become permanent. pads \vear down too fast if your feet are wet.

Title:Barefoot Running
Author:Michael Sandler, Jessica Lee
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2011-09-20


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