Barefoot Tribe

Barefoot Tribe

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Give your life away and discover Goda€™s unique purpose for you. As a first grader living deep in the Liberian jungle, Palmer Chinchen watched a young African girl quietly pull the shoes off her feeta€”her only shoes, her only protection from the parasites that crawl between the toes of so many tribal childrena€”to slip them on his sistera€™s feet, whose shoes were left behind in their burning bamboo mat house in the bush. That image of tribal love and empathy has stayed with Palmer and continues to drive his passions. Today, Palmer sees a new kind of tribe forming with the same kind of desires, a tribe of people who are bothered by the brokenness all around, who are passionate about goodness, justice, and beauty. They are leaving their places of comfort to feed the hungry, give clean water to the thirsty, build houses for the homeless, share clothes with the shivering and shoes with the barefoot. This tribe is ready to change the world for good, and we, too, must heed that call today. Conversational, fresh, and accessible, Barefoot Tribe dares us to break past the safe confines of our manicured suburbs and polished shopping malls to take action, take risks, and remake the world into one more like what Jesus had in mind. Your time to act is now. God wants your life. Will you speak up, step out, and do something incrediblea€btoday?PEOPLE OFTHE SAPO tribe have never heard of a storage unit. In fact, Ia#39;ve yet to walk into a hut that even has a ... Most of my neighbors here in the American burbs cana#39;t park their cars in their threecar garages. They have too much stuff. STORAgE WARS mY FRIEND BRET knows a man named Mr. WE WILL Live Simply.

Title:Barefoot Tribe
Author:Palmer Chinchen
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-09-02


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