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Whether theya€™re about raising chickens or herding sheep, the tales of Jenna Woginrich have caught the imagination of thousands of young homesteaders. As she learns traditional farming skills by trial and error, Woginrich records her offbeat observations and poignant moments with honesty, humility, and humor. In BarnHeart, she lands at a small rented farm and struggles to find her place in a reserved rural community filled with working farmers who are scraping by and wealthy vacation-home owners with fancy barns that never house livestock. Although her barnheart a€” a term Woginrich coins to describe her state of longing for a farm of her own a€” never subsides, she makes do on her rented farmstead, caring for her sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, a goat, and a turkey, until relationships sour and shea€™s abruptly forced to leave. Where will she and her animals go? Will she finally be able to afford the farm shea€™s always dreamed of? Even when dealing with cranky neighbors, small-town politics, and the loneliness that comes with running a farm on her own, Woginrich never loses her sense of humor. Readers will recognize themselves and find inspiration in this appealing story of longing and striving for a more authentic life.Taking on even just three sheep meant a whole new world of start-up and sustaining costs. I needed money for such things as hay, fence repair, shelter, winter water-tank defrosters, hoof trimmers, Pro-Pen antibiotics, and my very own assortment of syringes for livestock injections (something I never thought Ia#39;d have in my medicine cabinet, short of developing diabetes ... But there was some income slowly filtering in as well, which is more than many folks can say about their backyards.

Author:Jenna Woginrich
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2011-11-16


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